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DUI Driver Education ( DUI ) Classes Online

Our DUI Classes are designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, DMV, and Employers and include an optional FREE 60 minute Victims Impact Panel. Some states prohibit online classes and will not accept a certificate of completion if completed online. Check state requirements before you register for a class. Call us at 1-877-368-9909, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm MST if you are not sure.

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California Out-of-State Resident DUI Classes

*These classes meet California requirements for persons who received a DUI in California and reside in another state. DUI offenders must complete California's DUI class requirements in order to have their license reinstated in their home state. Please get court approval before enrolling. NOT APPROVED FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS or for anyone with a VALID CALIFORNIA DRIVER'S LICENSE. Approved in Riverside County. These courses are for out of state residents to meet court requirements only and are not accepted by the California DMV.