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In-Person Cognitive Behavior Skills Training / Thinking Errors Class

Cognitive Behavior Skills Training Class in IdahoAvailable at: 514 S. Orchard St. Suite 101, Boise, ID 83705

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Also referred to as: Thinking Errors Class, Cognitive Behavior Skills Class, Conflict Management Course, Conflict Resolution Training.

Class Fees:

  • $20.00 per session
  • Payment for first two weeks in advance, then pay per session.
  • No additional intake fee.
  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Length of Program: Minimum of 4 weeks to 52 weeks

Class Fee: $80.00/8 hours; $160/16 hours; $240/24 hours; $20 for each additional weekly session.

Class Schedule/Details: This program is open ended, which means that participants can enter the program at any time. Currently this class meets once weekly, on Wednesdays, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

Class Goal: This program is based on Thinking Errors and Cognitive Behavior Skills Training, two proven programs that help individuals identify and change patterns of thinking so that they can make changes in harmful or risky patterns of behavior.

Our Philosophy: Clients are responsible for changing their own thoughts, beliefs and behavior. This program is a non-confrontational group process that requires active group participation in order to produce the best results.

Step One: Paying Attention to Our Thoughts

Step Two: Recognizing Risk

Step Three: Use New Thinking. What new ways of thinking could you use that would lead to different consequences? To work, this new thinking has to help you feel okay about yourself.

Online Version: Currently an 8 hour online version is available for clients who have been ordered to take an 8 hour "Thinking Errors" class. All online classes require court or probation approval before enrolling.

Register in person at: 514 S. Orchard St. Suite 101, Boise, ID 83705.