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In person classes located IN BOISE, IDAHO are cancelled until further notice. Please call 208-368-9909 for information. Online Classes and Evaluations are still available.

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NOTICE! In person classes located IN BOISE, IDAHO are cancelled until further notice. Please call 208-368-9909 for information. Online Classes and Evaluations are still available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About In-Person Classes

Q) How long do I have to sign up for a class?

A) If you are court-ordered, you are usually ordered to contact a treatment program, promptly enroll and pay fees within 24 hours of being sentenced. You need to register for live classes in person at our office located at 514 S. Orchard St., Suite 101, Boise, ID 83705.

Q) How long do I have to complete the class?

A) Classes vary from a minimum of 8 hours up to 12 months (52 weeks). Our experience has been that those persons who have waited more than 90 days to enroll will take much longer to complete their classes and have a higher rate of probation violations.

Q) Can I get proof of enrollment if I don't have the enrollment fee?

A) Not until you have (1) filled out a registration form (2) signed the program agreement and contract (3) read and signed our informed consent, release forms and (4) paid the initial enrollment fee. Each program will have a different fee to start the program. Proof of enrollment can be provided immediately upon completion of enrollment conditions.

Q) What if I don't have the money to start the classes right away - will I be in trouble?

A) Not unless you fail to enroll within 90 days. Our center provides some flexibility in starting your classes, but you must communicate with us to let us know your situation. Remember: We can't help you if you don't call us right away.

Q) I am already scheduled to start another program, but I want to change my classes to Tom Wilson Counseling. Will I be in trouble if I switch?

A) No, but you or your attorney must notify the court and the other program in writing that you are changing programs. Failure to notify the court or the other program may result in a probation violation. We are happy to help you in this process.

Q) Can I register for an In–Person class over the internet?

A) No, since scheduling is a two-way process involving the class schedule and the client's schedule, registration must be completed in person at 514 S. Orchard Suite 101, Boise, Idaho 83705 or by telephone at (208) 368-9909.

Q) What do you mean when you say that "Services are Confidential"?

A) This means that we do not disclose any information about you to anyone outside of our Center (including spouse, attorney, probation or court) without a signed release of information or except under the specific circumstances required by law, which are outlined on the Client Information and Informed Consent Agreement which clients read and sign before the classes begin.

Q) What do we do in class all that time?

A) Each class addresses how to change our thoughts, feelings and actions in order to reduce risky behaviors and decisions. Topics are presented for group discussion, and interactive exercises are conducted to reinforce the principles that are being taught. Classes are based on the assumption that we learn more from our peers than from the instructor.

Q) Do I have to go through a lengthy intake process?

A) NO, a very simple and short registration form is filled out.

Q) Am I going to have to talk at length about my past or my personal life?

A) No, but you may find it useful to talk about your experiences and disclose what you are comfortable with.

Q) Once I start my class, do I have to go every week, or can I skip a class or two?

A) Clients are expected to attend class every week until completion. Three un-excused absences within a sixty day period will result in termination from the class, with no credit for classes taken and no refunds for fees already paid. In addition, we charge $25.00 for each unexcused absence as a makeup fee and expect clients to pay those fees in order to re-enroll.

Q) What if I'm not court ordered - do I have to pay the unexcused absence fees?

A) Yes, unexcused absence fees apply to everyone. All clients are treated the same.

Q) If I think I need individual counseling instead of group counseling, can I do that instead?

A) If you are court ordered for classes, individual counseling will not be accepted by the court. However, if you want individual counseling for personal reasons you can find a counselor by clicking on this link: for the Idaho Counseling Association's Website. We do not currently offer individual counseling.