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AB 541 DUI Program, 3 Month DUI Program for California First Offense

These programs have been approved to meet court requirements for persons who receive a DUI in the state of California but are residents of another state or country. You must obtain court approval before enrolling.

The California DMV does not accept these online classes for reinstatement of a California Driver's License.

Click below to register:

AB-541 Program / 32 Hour Online DUI California 3 Month First Offender Class : $480.00 *

Other California Non-Resident DUI Programs:

12 Hour Online SB1176 California DUI Program : $225.00

45 Hour Online AB762 California DUI Program : $675.00 *

60 Hour Online AB1353 California DUI Program : $900.00 *

78 Hour Online SB38 California DUI Program : $1170.00 *

Payment plans available for classes 32 Hour or longer. Call 1-877-368-9909 to make payment arrangements.

Other California Online Programs

26 Hour Deferred Entry of Judgment Drug Diversion / PC 1000 : $450.00

Tropicana Housing Alcohol and Drug Awareness Course: $49.00
(Only for those who reside at Tropicana Student Housing in Goleta, California. )

Victim Impact Panel: $49.00

Parent Education Family Stabilization Course for Divorcing Parents: $34.95

Click on course categories below to register for other classes;

Alcohol, Substance, Drug Classes

Minor in Possession (MIP), Minor in Consumption (MIC) Classes

Online DUI and Substance Evaluations for License Restoration

Relapse Prevention Classes

Anger Management Classes

Petty Theft and Shoplifting Classes

Cognitive Self Change Classes

Thinking Errors Classes

Conflict Management Classes


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How to Remove a Suspension of Your Driver's License for a DUI in California

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